Sibros accelerates product development by providing industry scale infrastructure including secure automotive and energy cloud solutions, embedded software components and vehicle controllers. Our world-class team hails from companies like Tesla, Google, Faraday Future and Lockheed Martin. You will get a chance to work with a team of deeply knowledgeable engineers working on creating version 2.0 of the automotive industry!

About the Role

As a business partner and business leader, the CFO plays a key role in the company. The CFO acts as a strategic advisor to the CEO and is responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the organization’s financial reporting and planning. The CFO helps establish and direct the organization’s financial goals and objectives, its budget, and the Financial Plan. The CFO has primary responsibility for ensuring that internal controls are in place, enforced, and reviewed periodically for conformance to accounting and financial standards and applicable regulations.


  1. Budgeting & Expense Management
    1. Create usable budgets for the business, including evaluating the needs of each department in the long term
    2. Annually create a capital plan that aligns with overall business plans and strategies, and reviews the capital plan with Top Management and the Board of Directors.
    3. Analyze trends to reduce financial risks associated with making investment or spending decisions
    4. Help create and manage budgets for annual employee performance based salary increases, performance bonuses, and sales commissions
    5. Help drive costs down with vendor negotiations and keep an overall check on spending as per budget
  2. Team Management and growth
    1. Hire and grow leaders in the finance and accounting departments
    2. Manage the finance org structure
    3. Give directions and deliver periodic evaluations and manage compensation for all finance team members
  3. Lead Financial Planning and Analysis
    1. Develop and maintain financial models
    2. Develop internal projections with multiple scenario modeling
    3. Perform Cashflow analysis
    4. Perform variance analysis (projected vs. actuals)
    5. Create framework to measure and monitor performance against operational metrics
    6. Find ways to optimize spending to maximize cash runway and account for long term growth
    7. Analyze data to drive best practices, profitable growth, cost analysis etc.
  4. Manage board and existing investor relationships
    1. Prepare board deck
    2. Handle investor communications
    3. Present annual budget to the board for approval
    4. Report on-going financial performance to investors
  5. Maintain all banking and financial relationships
  6. Lead the fundraising process
    1. Prepare pitch decks, financial models and projections
    2. Build and maintain relationships with investors in anticipation of future funding rounds
    3. Help raise capital with top tier VCs
    4. Evaluate and consider different types of funding (equity, venture debt)
    5. Evaluate and consider the value each new investor against a standard internally developed metric (taking factors such as investor rolodex, industry expertise and geographic presence into account)
  7. Lead all global M&A activities
    1. Evaluate companies to buy that have been sourced by team members or investors
    2. Manage negotiations and expectations with both internal and external stakeholders
    3. Execute and close the deals
  8. Lead all IPO / SPAC related activities
    1. Prepare the company for doing an IPO or SPAC deal
    2. Manage the end to end process for selling the company
    3. Evaluate different forms of exits as the environment and markets are constantly changing and evolving
  9. Manage risk exposure
    1. Ensure we have the correct insurance policies in place with the right scope and right amount of coverage
    2. Assess risks and exposure due to business conducted in foreign currency.
    3. Develop, maintain and execute foreign exchange management policies
  10. Design and implement world leading best practices for systems and processes with a keen focus on automation
    1. Develop and document business processes and accounting policies to maintain and strengthen internal controls.
    2. Implement the systems and protocols to maintain good cost controls, healthy budgeting and oversee disciplined AR/AP management.
  11. Manage company’s international financial operations in Americas, Europe and Asia and with an understanding of the local and international financial laws and regulations

Minimum Qualification

  1. Dynamic personality, trustworthy, honesty and integrity
  2. Experience with audits
  3. Experience with M&A (both sides of the deal)
  4. Experience with IPOs and SPACs
  5. Easy to work with, and has led a team before
  6. Open-minded and flexible. Should be open to trying new tools, with a keen focus on automation and automatic reporting.
  7. Solid analytical and decision-making skills
  8. Leadership skills with the ability to delegate, motivate and inspire team members
  9. Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to interact with C-suite and investors and board members
  10. Prior experience working at a big company (to learn processes and methodologies), with more recent experiences in a startup environment (that shows a willingness to be hands-on, wear many hats, as well as a desire to work hard and hustle).
  11. Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting models
  12. Hands-on experience with budgeting and risk management
  13. In-depth understanding of cash flow management, bank reconciliation and bookkeeping
  14. Strong understanding of fiscal policy and investment regulations
  15. Excellent knowledge of accounting principles, financial reporting and analysis, financial modeling, budgeting, and variance analysis
  16. Demonstrated ability to identify, quantify and mitigate financial risk. Knows how to ask the right questions.

Education and Experience

  1. Certified CPA or proof of deep working knowledge
  2. Education may vary; an advanced degree in business administration, finance, or law is preferred, but not required.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Sibros is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity. We recruit, employ, train, compensate, and promote without regard to race, color, age, sex, ancestry, marital status, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, present or past history of mental disability, genetic information or any other classification protected by state or federal law.